Voices & Allusions / Benidorm Hotel (Split)

by Lee Chapman & Wim Dehaen



Side A: Lee Chapman - Voices & Allusions
A1 Lee Chapman - FVAB0
A2 Lee Chapman - FVAB1
A3 Lee Chapman - FVAB2
A4 Lee Chapman - FVAB3
A5 Lee Chapman - Allusions

Side B: Wim Dehaen - Benidorm Hotel
B1 Wim Dehaen - Benidorm Hotel

With Voices & Allusions / Benidorm Hotel (split) Genot Centre presents a collaboration between UK-born Lee Chapman and Belgium-born Wim Dehaen. Their work, recorded in Burnley, Riga and Prague, is showcased on cassette, with gorgeous artwork by Yuliana Mendoza of Silence Effects.

In Voices, Lee Chapman presents a series of vocal studies. Embracing fragile media in form and composition, he sensitively stacks and manipulates his source material in real time. What results is a deeply personal lament to the aesthetics of the broken and decaying world around.
In Allusions, this organic approach is sustained, resulting in a delicate unity of fluttering, rich tones and trembling, wistful piano.
Teaser: youtu.be/E68vzi7iXqg

Wim Dehaen's Benidorm Hotel is no ordinary vacation resort. It is a grey place, a spectrally ambiguous, indecisive space. A desolate space with no visitors or inhabitants and only danger and anxiety behind every door. Throughout the piece, Dehaen takes the listener on a fully digital tour through the concrete skeleton of a post-tourism ruined construction.
Teaser: youtu.be/hHhZx2SbgoI


released May 1, 2015

Genot Centre \ Cosmic Sans (BE/CZ)
Edition of 99 tapes
Allusions was recorded in Burnley, UK January 2013. FVAB0-4 were recorded in September 2013, Rīga, Latvia.

Split with Wim Dehaen (BE)
Artwork by Silence Effects



Lee Chapman UK

Lee Chapman is a self taught composer and musician of his own music from the North West of England, working in the fields of ethereal, organic and accidental compositions.

His sound is mainly based upon few instrumentation to create large yet delicate sounds using live analog and digital processing aswell as environmental found sounds from travelling.
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