From November To March (split)

by Alex Kozobolis & Lee Chapman



1. Alex Kozobolis - Despite The Cold 02:59
2. Alex Kozobolis - Through The Leaves 04:14
3. Alex Kozobolis - The Light Will Warm Us Again 02:39
4. Lee Chapman - Despite The Cold 06:00
5. Lee Chapman - Through The Leaves 03:04
6. Lee Chapman - The Light Will Warm Us Again 03:01

Unknown Tone Records is pleased to announce the release of “From November To March” by Alex Kozobolis & Lee Chapman. Side A “From November” includes a collection of three solo piano movements by Alex Kozobolis. Side B “To March” features three of Lee Chapman’s reworks on tape of Alex’s original piano pieces from side A. “From November To March “will be released May 2013 in edition of 100 copies for the world at As a bonus each edition will randomly include one of three photographs taken by Alex Kozobolis.


Alex Kozobolis [b. 1984, London, England] is a self taught pianist and composer. His work is primarily concerned with narrative and adventure; both in composition and improvisation. He is attracted to the freedom and spontaneity offered by the un-edited nature of the improvised form, but is conversely drawn to the more structured and refined process of composition for its potential to communicate concisely.

Recorded in Norwich in late 2012 and set against the desolate backdrop of the end of Autumn, ‘From November’ is an invocation for the re-emergence of all that is dormant.. “despite the cold, through the leaves the light will warm us again” .. 
Commenting on the remix element of the project, Kozobolis says “Lee has an incredible ability to inject warmth and feeling into his sounds, with such subtlety and precision. I was convinced that he would not only do justice to the themes of ‘From November’ but that he’d bring something completely new to the project. His remixes have perfectly condensed the mood of my original recordings, as well as adding texture and depth to them”

Alex Kozobolis - The Light Will Warm Us // OFFICIAL VIDEO LINK:


Personal statement for this release:
Alex and I were introduced by a few mutual friends. He is a very humble pianist and fast becoming a great friend. I am amazed at his ability to improvise with such fluidity yet with such controlled discipline. From November is a beautiful EP that resonates in me more so than other pianists composing at that time. Working with pre-recorded piano is a harmonic challenge when creating tonal music using loops. It is finding a pattern to the puzzle or a path underneath a beautiful blanket of snow. I could have used everything and played a bit more chaotic, however, finding these loops and patterns and finding this path has led me to what you hear on this record

Lee Chapman - The Light Will Warm Us // OFFICIAL VIDEO LINK:


released May 25, 2013


Side A: Alex Kozobolis - Piano
Side B: Lee Chapman - Piano/Tape Loops
Mastered by Mark Kuykendall
Artwork by Alex Kozobolis & Aaron Cahill



Lee Chapman UK

Lee Chapman is a self taught composer and musician of his own music from the North West of England, working in the fields of ethereal, organic and accidental compositions.

His sound is mainly based upon few instrumentation to create large yet delicate sounds using live analog and digital processing aswell as environmental found sounds from travelling.
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